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Has the recent bad weather affected your computers, servers or network devices ?

    Has the recent bad weather affected your computers, servers or network devices ?

    PERTH Storm

    If it has then we recommend the purchase of a UPS, the brand we recommend is Powershield as they are an Australian owned company suppling Australian made UPS.



    You may be asking what is a UPS ?

    UPS is the abbreviation for Uninterruptible Power Supply. In very simply terms it is a Power Conditioner with a battery. By adding the battery it is possible to offer protection against power failure / black outs.

    Generally there are two types of systems available in the market today – Online and Offline / Standby. Basically a UPS will consist of three key elements:-

    Rectifier / Charger – takes the incoming AC supply and converts it to DC to trickle charge the DC battery and where applicable feed the inverter.
    Inverter – takes the DC from the battery and where applicable the rectifier converting it to a regulated AC voltage to feed the critical load.
    Battery – a collection of cells used to store the DC voltage.

    Why would I need a UPS ?


    Computers have many parts that are very sensitive to fluctuations in electricity supply. Most of the time the electrical current coming into your house or office is usually very consistent but we have all experienced violent thunder storms, brown outs, power spikes and even power outages. While rare nowadays, these significant fluctuations in the power can be extremely harmful to computers. Have you ever notice the lights dim or flicker for a second when your fridge or air conditioner turns on? Your computer notices these small fluctuations in the power too.

    The UPS keeps its internal battery constantly charged from the mains power supply then delivers a steady and consistent flow of electricity to any devices plugged into it. This completely protects your devices from the negative effects of power outages, brownouts or power spikes. Many UPS’s even come with a “devices warranty” meaning if the product should fail to protect any device plugged into it, they will pay to replace it free of charge.

    The most common parts affected by power fluctuations are the computers power supply, motherboard and of course the Hard Drive, where all of your critical data is stored. Even something quite simple as turning off the computer incorrectly by using off button on the PC or just pulling the power cable out of the back of the PC tower can often cause loss of data.

    UPS’s are available in many different types and can range in price from a simple battery backup with basic surge protection to several thousands of dollars for a commercial application. Most users will plug in their computer, monitor and a router so that if the power does go out, they can have an additional power period available ranging from 15 to 30 minutes to finish their work on and properly shut their systems down correctly. this can also be configured to automatically shut down after a specified time period.


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